Introduction to Blockchain Technology
    Blockchain Technology Workshop
    • 主 題 : Online Blockchain Technology Workshop
    • 日 期 : 2023-04-04
    • 時 間 : 19:00 - 22:00
    • 語 言 : 廣東話
    • 地 點 : 香港生產力大樓 - 1/F 演講廳二 九龍塘達之路78號香港生產力促進局生產力大樓

    什麼是區塊鏈 (Blockchain) ?

    區塊鏈 (Blockchain) 是一種共享式公共總帳,採分布式分類帳(Distributed Ledger)技術,將資料散布於各區塊資料而無法被單一實體掌控,使交易資料具備安全、透明、可永久記錄等特性,意即透過去中心化的方式集體維護一個可靠數據資料庫的技術方案。

    區塊鏈技術是由密碼學、數學、演算法及經濟模型所組成,結合 P2P,並採用分散式共識演算法,來解決傳統分散式資料庫的同步問題,是整合跨領域技術的一項基礎建設。


    如何掌握及參與這場 Blockchain 革命?

    FevaWorks 全新開辦免費 - Introduction to Blockchain Technology Workshop, 導師會講解有關 Blockchain 原理,技術,隱憂及未來發展等技術,有興趣學員更可升讀全新 Master in Professional Blockchain Technology 課程。 


    Louis is a partner of RedSo, a software development company which built the mobile app and set top box app for TVB’s myTVSuper service. He graduated in Computer Science in CUHK and has been in the IT field for more than 10 years. He led the company to become the first Google Cloud Platform Partner in Hong Kong and also works as an organiser for the technical community - Google Cloud Platform User Group in Hong Kong, promoting Google Cloud technology to fellow developers.

    Except technical knowledge, his role also covers marketing and business aspects, in particular, he has very solid experience in concert ticketing platform operations. As a technology enthusiast, he recognized the bright future of blockchain based economy early enough and drove the R&D team to explore the technology by actually building several prototypes on both public and private blockchain systems. He also writes on the technology on some local internet media and 3C related magazine occasionally.

    With hands on experience on blockchain and real world application experience, Louis is able to deliver the fundamentals as well as the most up-to-date knowledge about the fast evolving technology.

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